Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

A bad case of Don't Wanna

I make my own life choices, and by and large they are the right ones. As the button says, "My life may be crazy, but at least it's not boring."

But man -- today is one of those days when I wish my life was a little more ordinary. I seem to be coming down with The Head Cold From Hell: sinuses clogged and leaky, a headache that won't quit, exhaustion, generally blah. And of course, I don't *get* sick time from either of my jobs, so I can't bring myself to just crawl back into bed. Worse, we have a second degree in Lodge tonight, and I have to assume that our Senior Deacon is going to flake on us again, so I'm probably front-and-center, on stage, in the middle of a freaking visitation, doing the core of the ritual when I'm almost too sick to think.

Bleah. I'll get through it, but the timing sucketh most mightily...
Tags: diary

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