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More going on over at artofconv

For those who are interested in what I have to say: I've recently been ramping up my professional blog, The Art of Conversation. It had been sliding into inactivity, mostly because I'd been over-thinking and over-structuring it -- I was thinking so hard about it as a *series* that I was intimidating myself into saying relatively little at all.

So I've switched tacks. I'm now posting most of my thoughts on the subjects covered by it on there. Since the nominal topic is "Purposeful Online Conversation in Communities", and I'm posting about *all* of those topics there, it's pretty broad -- it includes my thoughts on social networking, community, online identity, conversation systems, technology, sociology, and more. The personal stuff is going to remain here on LJ, but most of what I have to say on the professional level is there.

I encourage y'all to come join in -- besides wanting readers (every blogger wants to be heard, after all), I actively encourage comments and conversation in there. They're fascinating topics that are changing and evolving every week, and there is a ton to talk about. If you want to follow it via LiveJournal, it is syndicated as artofconv. (And if you want to follow the whole conversation, you can also pick up artofconvcmnt, which is the feed of comments as they get posted. Unsurprisingly, most of the comments are from people familiar from here, especially laurion, dsrtao, doubleplus and metahacker.)
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