Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Speech-watching on CSPAN

Assorted impressions, amidst the applause:

Amusing to realize where the power lies in the chamber. Obama can't get the members to shut up -- but Pelosi can do so almost instantly. Subtle detail of protocol.

It's fascinating to watch which sentences get the Republican butts out of seats and which don't. Minority Leader looks like he's sucking a lemon, but knows he has to stand.

I'm happy that he's talking about America leading in industry -- I just hope that isn't coded protectionism. (Really, I suspect it isn't, at least not unsubtly: the next battles are more going to be over subsidies rather than tariffs, I'd bet.)

*Boy*, some of the members are unenthused about being asked to deal with cap-and-trade.

Calling for health care reform is easy: now to see if they can manage to produce on the hard bits. SCHIP was the easy part, politically. At least he admits that it's going to be hard. Wow -- he specifically said it won't wait another year. That's going to be a hard marker to pay.

Hmm. Calling for *real* education reform? Be interesting to see what the nuts and bolts look like there.

Fascinating tack: calling on the citizens to improve their own education. That's a novel way to phrase it: if they can manage to make it work financially, it could have more lasting effects than anything else on the list. It would be a fine change if education can be made more of a cultural priority.

Heh -- calling for the end of earmarks gets a much more restrained applause, especially from the Democrats. Oooh, he's goring *everybody's* oxen. Nicely even-handed: the relative quiet in the chambers tells me that he's onto something here.

Predictably, the Democrats are lapping up the tax plans, and the Republicans are conspicuously hating them.

Calling for tax-free savings accounts for everybody. Lovely thing from my 401k-free viewpoint.

Ah, good: putting the cost of the wars into the budget. That's been one of the bigger problems for years now.

The Republicans *shoot* up for the warhawk talk about Pakistan.

Nothing quite like being a businessman cited by the President for conspicuous decency. I suspect he'll have a hundred requests for interviews by tomorrow morning.

Summary: By Obama's standards, the rhetoric was fairly ordinary. OTOH, workaday Obama is still better than most Presidential speeches of the past 30 years, so it was still pleasant to listen to. And as effectively the vision statement for the administration, it was good stuff, if almost dauntingly ambitious. The next year should be fascinating to watch...
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