Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur


As I mentioned the other day, I picked up a couple of teacups with built-in infusers. They're quite nice -- the glass one produces the best couple of Genmaicha I've ever had. But it does have one key problem: it doesn't provide any good way to take the 180-degree steel infuser *out* of the cup when the brief steeping time is done.

After nearly burning my fingers a couple of times, and hassling with getting the thing out by slipping a couple of forks under the rim of the infuser, I finally asked myself the key question: "What Would Fritz Do?"

A few moments' reflection, a knife and a tin muffin cup with a hole cut in the bottom later, and things are now much better. The hole in the bottom of the muffin cup fits snugly around the rim of the infuser, and the edges of the cup are far enough away that there is no danger of burning myself.

Green tea is good, but green tea without burned fingers is better...

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