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A Thoroughly Successful Day of Dance

Okay, I have to say it: that was just plain fun.

Yesterday was our Novice Schola, a university specifically aimed at beginner's classes. I taught two hours of intro dance classes, and ran the (almost entirely taught) ball. It's been a long time since I've taught that much dancing in a single day, and I'd forgotten how enjoyable it is.

Partly, this was due to a good audience. The class was a fairly even blend of people who have been attending dance practice for at least a little while, and thus had a little pre-packaged clue, and more serious dance newbies. All were enthusiastic, though, and paying attention, and almost all of them were relatively quick studies. So folks made rapid progress, which is always satisfying in a class.

Even better, almost everyone who took my class stayed for the entire ball. So while it wasn't the biggest dance event I've run by a long shot, it was a reasonably appropriate-sized of crowd for the site, and didn't all go away during the set break. Nearly everyone who stayed after dinner actually danced, many of them for every dance. And over the course of the Ball, the Waytes and I managed to find a fairly confident groove, so that the music and dancing just fit together a little better.

Damned satisfying. I had almost forgotten that, the Letter of Dance aside, my Laurel was mostly for dance teaching, and I've still got the touch. Taking a mixed crowd of interested folks, getting them up and dancing, having fun and making progress towards doing the dances right -- it still gives me a charge that I really don't find anywhere else. (The nearest equivalent is GM'ing a totally kickass game -- running Collision Imminent! is the closest I've come in the past couple of years.)

Need to do this more often. I may have developed a deep fondness for research and teaching of games, but they just don't fire the blood the way dancing does...

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