Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Feeling oddly guilty

Little moments of self-insight: I know that I am just a little too Lawful for my own good when I notice that I feel strangely guilty for my tribe's part in manipulating Dancing With the Stars. I mean, the *only* explanation for Woz making it through another week is that the Geekosphere Assembled has decided to stack the votes in his favor. Which is cool and all -- he's a neat guy -- but the fact that he is *so* clearly the worst dancer in the bunch does tweak me very slightly. He's surviving at the cost of someone who is at least somewhat better than he is, purely (I suspect) because of tribal loyalty. It's within the rules (and arguably even in the spirit) of the show, but the principle does bug me slightly.

(Yes, yes -- it's a dumb show. Let's take that particular point as read, okay? It's background music when we're not watching something we actually care about, and it's kind of fun watching some of the celebs discover a talent for dance that they hadn't realized they had...)

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