Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

What are people looking for?

Just for giggles, since I'm looking at logs anyway, let's see what is being Googled on our page. This is essentially what people found on our site via Google (and other search engines that follow the "?q=" syntax) yesterday:

There's the person looking for "making kvass", who gets Orlando's old page on the subject (under the old Carolingia site).

There's "historic games" and "period games" and "medieval games" (and "Midevil games" and "midival games") and "Elizabethan games" and "games/Top Games/Card Games", which all hit the Period Games Homepage as they should. (I'm always happy to see that page being used; I really need to keep working on maintenance.)

More specifically, there's "prime jeu de cartes", which got to the transcription Thierry Depaulis gave me about the game. (It's a French document about near-period Primero in Lyon; one of these days, I need to get that properly translated.) And a search for "Thierry Depaulis" turned up my summary of the Tablero debacle, wherein he pointed out that one of the SCA's favorite games was historical nonsense.

"Rithmomachia" (asking from Italy) got to Peter Mebben's writeup of Rhythmomachy, which is probably one of the best answers to that particular query.

"Modar tarot" I recognize -- it is spinning off of a discussion on the Historical Games mailing list, where we are comparing reconstructions of Tarocchi. (Modar is another well-known games guy, and most of his work is reasonably sensible, but his reconstruction of Tarok is just *strange*; I'm really not sure where it came from.)

The search for "Dolce Amoroso Fuoco" gets the appropriate page in ladysprite's translation. (Which still needs to get redirected over to her own site.)

"SCA province" goes (for reasons I'm not too sure about) to my transcription of the original SCA Corpora -- presumably because it's the earliest official reference to "province" as a concept.

There's "how long can you store homemade beef jerky", which got followed to Mara's recipe for the same. So did "how much salt cure beef jerky".

"Resume of a librarian" goes, appropriately, to msmemory's resume.

Amusingly, two different people appear to have queried "recipe template" -- which does get our homebrew recipe template file, which I don't even really think of as a page, just a file sitting in that directory for our own use.

In perhaps the best example of "Yes, we have exactly what you're looking for", someone looked for "flourless chocolate cake bon appetit" and got msmemory's writeup of their recipe. (Which we'd stored away so as not to lose it.)

"Ladies red hankerchiefs" (sic) went to the AS XVI entry of the History of Felding. No idea why -- I may have to look that one up out of curiosity.

The search for "spicy cabage salad" went to our recipe for Cabbage Salad, that I didn't even remember we had. Yay (once again) for search engines that correct spelling. And "fish marsala" went to the recipe that I invented one day on the "this oughta work" principle, which I really must make again one of these days.

Overall, a pretty good days' searches. It's good to know that, if all those search engines are going to keep slamming us, at least they're doing their jobs in helping people find reasonably useful stuff on our site...

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