Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Interesting -- I wonder what the scam is?

Just got a fascinating email -- a come-on for a job, which isn't that unusual, but clearly bogus. They claim to have gotten my resume from "the job site"; they are only willing to communicate via email; the email address is gmail; they never actually quite say what the company *does* in any detail ("the selling and purchasing of certificates of metal", which *could* be commodity trading but is a bit ambiguous); etc.

But it's moderately well-executed, with fewer English blunders than usual and without the usual obvious hard-sell. It doesn't even quite trip the "too good to be true" meters -- the salary they offer is just about right for me, which I suspect is pure coincidence, but they're not offering a million bucks. It's still clearly a scam, but not nearly as clumsy as most of them.

I do find myself curious what they're up to. Maybe they need your bank information to set up the direct deposit? Or some kind of criminal scam, and they're looking for some poor schmuck to be left holding the bag? Ah -- here we go: a thread about various permutations of this, under various names, including a couple of messages from some poor guy who did sign up. Sounds like they are using people for money laundering of fraudulent money transfers...

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