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Spent the afternoon over at the client, with about 4.5 hours of interviews for a potential more-or-less full-time position. Brain is melting a bit right now, but it was a good day.

Of course, I started off on the wrong foot. I bought a *way* too large coffee, to wake me up. (As sometimes happens when I have a high-stakes day, I slept poorly.) This meant that I hadn't finished it when I got there, and was a tad jittery. Plus, a large iced coffee from Dunkin is -- oddly-shaped. (It's designed to fit in cupholders.) It was therefore perhaps inevitable that I arrived, set my coffee down, and proceeded to spill it all over the VP of Engineering's carpet.

Fortunately, that seems to have sopped up all the bad karma for the day -- the rest seemed to go quite well. I had half a dozen interviews with various people, with a roughly even balance of them interviewing me and me interviewing them. (The VP of Sales really had no idea what to ask me about; fortunately, he had a chess board sitting in his office, so I was able to break the ice by chatting for a few minutes about the history of chess.)

It generally confirmed my impression of the company: good, smart people, a healthy corporate culture, and a business plan that makes sense and seems to be working. In retrospect, I should have had more questions prepared -- I ran out of things to ask after the first couple of hours, and was left flailing a bit. (Also in retrospect, I should have simply asked some questions again of different people.)

Finished off with a presentation: the VP of Engineering wanted to see how I expressed myself in a group. So I took the opportunity to talk about the stuff I've been developing for them: most of them have very little view into the code I've been writing, so I was able to talk about the interesting aspects of the client architecture. That went okay -- a little dry, but all right -- but fortunately, I had left a discussion of The Ecology Pattern for the end. That's a subject that I know truly intimately, and am quite passionate about, so I think I ended on a strong note.

No resolution today, of course -- the days of snap hiring mostly ended with the dotcom crash -- but I think it went well overall. We'll see how it plays out...
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