Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Signs of crankiness #74

Noticed this one yesterday: when I'm a bit cranky (as I am currently, several days into Sick), I have a lot less tolerance of poor customer service. This manifested twice in quick succession.

First was when I went to exchange our cable box at Comcast: the lady behind the counter tried to refuse to let me do it, on the grounds that I wasn't an "authorized user of the account". I managed to keep my temper, but I could hear how icy my tone got as that conversation went along. (She eventually accepted that yes, I did have a driver's license for the same address and had the same last name as the one on the account, so it was probably okay -- but continued to give me a hard time about not being "authorized".)

Then was buying tires at Costco. The guy behind the counter was reasonably competent and friendly, but trying *way* too damned hard to upsell me. No, I don't want the tires with the 60k mile warranty -- I don't really expect to keep the car that long. No, I don't need V-grade tires, and please stop trying to convince me that my car clearly must require them -- I don't drive 100 MPH, and all they are going to do is degrade my mileage. (As is, I'm not 100% sure that the car really needs H-grade, but it's what the manual calls for.) Please just sell me *these* tires, which you carry, which are much higher-rated in Consumer Reports than the ones you're trying to upsell me to. (And cheaper.) I managed to stay entirely polite that time, but was definitely getting rather exasperated at what I would normally brush off as conventional salesmanship...
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