Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

As always, xkcd is the source of all wisdom

Yesterday's xkcd strip was about searching in Twitter for "swine flu". In fact, it's proving to be a fine entertainment, and perhaps the first good reason for Twitter's existence that I've found. If you go to twitter.com and type that in as your search term, you'll get a page worth of results, just from the past 20 seconds, and includes tidbits like these:
  • rycepeake if pigs with swine flu mate with birds with bird flu, do we have flying pig flu?

  • Yasminuca Non-pork eating politician wants to call flu "Mexican" to avoid hving constituents SAY swine. http://tinyurl.com/damr7c

  • redfender RT @Moltz BREAKING: "swine flu pandemic" just a ruse to drive hits to CDC web site. Memo tells CDC marketing staff: "Always be porking."
And so on, including lots of tweets that aren't quite so cynical. All in all, Twitter is proving to be an interesting way to probe the collective psyche, and see what people are thinking about...

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