Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Career != Hobby != Calling

Thanks to mindways for the link to this fine little essay, about the fact that modern society, too often, separates activities too neatly into the buckets of "career" and "hobby", missing the fact that there are vocations that don't necessarily match either well.

This point comes quite personally to me right at the moment. Indeed, it's been the main focus of the negotiations over my new job -- I think they've been a bit puzzled over my demand for a four-day week. The CEO even said, when I was interviewing with him, "Never confuse your career with your hobbies". And that's true, but kind of misses the point.

For me, the CommYou project has become something of a calling. I've been forced to recognize that it's not necessarily a career: while I might someday make money off of it, I can't count on that. But it's by no means a "hobby", either -- there's a connotation of casualness about "hobby" that doesn't fit here. While the damned project is moving far, far slower than I'd like, it is something I *have* to do, just as much as a writer must write or a painter must paint.

Hence the four-day work week. If I tried to put CommYou purely on the back burner, I'd never be able to do a real day job: it would consume and frustrate me. So instead, I'm employing my long-practiced skill at separating the parts of my life: I can keep CommYou in a box if and only if there is a decent-sized box to put it into. Four days a week belong to the job that pays real money; one goes to the calling. I suspect it's actually going to work better than the consulting gig did -- by having clearer lines of what time belongs to whom (as well as physical separation of *where* I do each, and on what computers), I should be able to *focus* on both better than I've been doing, which will help me really get going on CommYou 2.0...
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