Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

And yes, I have a job...

Starting Monday, I'll be working at Memento Security, which is where I've been consulting in recent months. I got pulled into there by Tonytip, my co-Architect at Convoq/Zingdom, and we've been dancing around each other for a few months now, with them trying to hire me and me shying away -- the aforementioned four-day work week is the compromise we settled on, which I think will work well for everyone.

I'm not going to be able to talk about work in as much detail as I've typically done at previous jobs, by the nature of the firm -- Memento is all about fraud detection and management for big enterprise customers. Not as sexy as the Internet stuff I've been doing recently, but it seems to be a good company that can use my skills. And it does have the unusual quality of being a startup that actually has a rock-solid business plan that they are executing on quite nicely, well-capitalized and with an extremely high likelihood of long-term success at this point.

(In the meantime, I still have CommYou to keep me out on the cutting edge, both in terms of concept and technology. One reason why things have ground to a halt for four months is that I've been teaching myself enough to begin a more or less ground-up rewrite, in a new architecture based on Scala Actors and focusing on the XMPP interface. I'd been hoping to avoid it, but I've come to mostly think of the current system as a prototype; this version is going to be designed with a more plausible scaling model, and focus on work more correctly. Once the wheels start grinding forward, it should start getting rather interesting.)

Anyway, one of the major amusements of the new position is, of course, my title. I continue to be reminded that titles mean absolutely nothing in software. My past five titles, in order, have been:
  • Director of Technology,

  • Senior Software Engineer,

  • Senior Principal Software Engineer,

  • Architect,

  • and now, Senior Consulting Engineer.
They have all meant exactly the same thing, in practice -- very high-level technical non-specialist, with a remit to understand the company's technology broadly, be part of the leadership team, and work at mentoring the more junior engineers...
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