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Clustered Reminders of Mortality

It's being a very bad year for my grandparents' generation. Lost my paternal grandmother a year or so ago, my paternal grandfather a few months later, and my maternal grandmother a couple of months ago. Now I've just found out that my great-aunt has had a stroke, and isn't expected to make it. That basically leaves my maternal grandfather (and one more great-aunt, who is declining in a nursing home).

On the one hand, I can count my blessings -- I made it past my 35th birthday with all my grandparents alive, which is a fine rarity. All of them lived long and full lives. And only one of them (the maternal grandmother) declined really badly: both of my father's parents went pretty suddenly. Still, this is an exceptionally painful instance of "when it rains, it pours", and I find myself thoroughly unprepared for the constant repetition of grim news...

-- Justin
Who has to admit that I don't envy my father, who has had to make arrangements for most of these...

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