Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Appreciating my new job

Oh, right: forgot to write up this one.

Sometimes, the universe decides to teach you something. In this case, it was that companies like my new one are at least to some degree in the business of helping people.

To wit: Memento is in the fraud-detection business. We deal with all sorts of fraud (generally financial), but the basic idea is the same -- trawl through the data, and figure out, as accurately as possible, what looks like someone doing something Bad.

I started at the job last Monday. *This* Monday, I got a call from my bank -- apparently someone stole my credit card number, and was going on a spending spree with it. Of course, they discovered this because of their automated fraud-detection systems, which noticed that this $6000 of charges on my card looked rather odd, and shut things down pre-emptively. This averts much hassle for me: while I'm still going to have to go to the nuisance of moving to a new card, the process has otherwise been pretty smooth so far -- they blocked the false charges, shut down the old card and sent me a new one without my needing to do more than have a fairly quick and friendly phone conversation with a surprisingly nice customer rep.

I honestly don't know whether the bank in question is one of our customers or if they're using somebody else's system. But it does drive home that the business isn't just about helping the big faceless corporate entities -- the better we do our job, the more tsurrus we can prevent for the people at the other end...
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