Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

That was, indeed, a great show

Just a quick note since it's late, but I just got home from the Boston Babydolls' Benefit performance. This was to help with the costs of the political quagmire they've gotten stuck in in Quincy, and it started with Scratch getting the sober bits out of the way before heading into a mammoth 3-hour production.

It reminded me of nothing quite so much as the Steeleye Span 25th Anniversary concert we saw in London. All the core members of the troupe performed, along with a remarkable number of friends. Mina of course did a fan dance, and I finally got to see Betty's legendary Geek Strip routine (involving Tux the Penguin pasties). Honey and Ruby reprised their Runaway Prisoners routine, and Joy did one of her sultry songs. And lots more -- all of the 'dolls were on stage two or three times each. (And Scratch did a magic routine that was gaspingly funny, as well as being a genuinely good trick.)

The guest performers were varied, numerous, and excellent. Off the top of my head, some of the best were:
  • "Mr. Flex", doing a physically implausible contortion routine that involved pushing his body through a squash racket, a tennis racket, and a toilet seat -- simultaneously, in different directions. And juggling knives while balancing on one foot, tied up by all three pieces in mid-transit.

  • Ben Reynolds, the troupe's sometime juggler, doing probably the best contact juggling routine I've ever seen.

  • Zehara Nachash doing both snake and sword dancing that was downright captivating: her dancing is excellent, and her presence magnetic.

  • The Infamous Miss Huff, who did an utterly aggressive, totally delightful strip routine with a rock attitude.
And lots of others -- like I said, it ran three hours, and scarcely slowed down at any time.

In between acts, there was a door-prize raffle, and an auction that I think got livelier than Scratch had expected. It started as an ordinary raise-your-hands auction, and was fairly sedate, but once somebody started yelling out bids, everybody else followed suit, and things got quite bubbly. There were lots of great items up for auction, and quite a decent sum raised -- some items even went for more than their face value. I didn't get anything (mostly because finances are a bit tight right now), but helped make sure that a number of items went for a reasonable amount. The highest entertainment of the auction was probably the Tux pasties, which went for a decent sum -- plus, separately, the right to peel them off of Betty, which fetched several dollars more.

The audience was loud and enthusiastic (and pretty full), the acts were great, and the cause a good one. Overall, a fine time...

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