Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Party Details

As mentioned previously, msmemory and I will be having our by-now-traditional Memorial Day cookout this coming Monday. Y'all are invited.

The party will start at 2ish, and run until dark and/or mosquitos convince us that it's time to stop. It's going to be a laid-back backyard barbeque, suitable for chatting with friends and lawn games -- croquet, bocce and other such sports will be available. (Other toys and games are welcome, if you are so minded.)

I'll be manning the grill during the afternoon -- we'll provide basics like burgers, chicken and kielbasa, chips and some soda. Feel free to bring something if you are so minded. (Additional contributions for the grill are also welcome.)

There are two cats, but they'll be inside and we probably won't, so this hopefully won't be an issue for anyone.

Children are welcome, but must be supervised.

The party is open -- please come by, and feel free to bring others. If you know in advance that you're coming, drop us a note so that we have some vague idea how much meat to lay in, but if you find yourself free at the last minute, we strongly encourage you to come anyway: this is very much a "the more, the merrier" sort of party, and we've got a big yard.

Most of you know how to get to our place, but for those who don't, directions can be found here. (It's in Burlington, near 128 and a couple of miles from the Mall; there's lots of easy and convenient parking.)

It should be a grand afternoon -- please come by and join us!

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