Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Twitter does bring out the strangest behaviour...

Some people who "friend" me on Twitter are obviously folks I know, and I often reciprocate. (Although I do need to switch to a client that lets me filter the feed: Twitter's lack of filter groups is one of its numerous problems.) Some are mysteries. Some are probably spambots. And some are just odd.

Today's example: someone who I didn't recognize, so I looked at their "following" list. It appears to consist mostly (although not entirely) of everyone on Twitter with the strings "dor", "waks", and "san" in their user names. Conveniently, they clearly did so in big blocks of searching and then friending, so these appear as big blocks together in their friend list. No clue why -- if it's a bot, it's a strange one. But they are clearly following people using rather distinctive criteria...

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