Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Preposterous optical illusion

[One of this weekend's projects is to do a fast skim through LJ, and try to get caught up. One thing about my new job is that, while I'm not working terribly insane hours, I am working *harder* than I have in some years, and the result is that I'm reading nearly zero LJ at work, and falling rather badly behind. So here's the first of possibly a few very tardy link-repostings.]

Thanks to cvirtue for the link to this utterly insane optical illusion. With most such illusions, there's a measure of "yes, that's very nice" -- I can make my eyes see the illusions, but it's just as easy not to. In this case, though, I find it damned near impossible to convince myself that it *is* an illusion -- until I covered over certain bits of the picture strategically, I was certain they were pulling my leg...

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