Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Kayla and Kupono

[Yes, the two of us have a fondness for a few of the contest shows. For ages, ladysprite has been extolling the virtues of So You Think You Can Dance -- since she's someone we trust on the subject of dance, we actually paid attention and started recording it from the beginning this time around. I now understand what she's been talking about: the reality-TV aspects aside, this show features an astonishing variety and quality of dance. To get into the competition, you basically have to be as good as the professionals on Dancing With the Stars, and you have to get better in order to survive. By this point, halfway through, the dancing is pretty much as good as I see anywhere, and it's delightful to see such a willingness to try *every* dance form, not just the traditional or fashionable. So, with that said:]

Yes, yes -- it's unambiguous that Janette and Brandon are the best couple: they are rarely short of perfect, and were certainly excellent tonight. But damn: that "addiction" piece had me downright teary-eyed with its sheer power. So Kayla and Kupono get my call tonight: I want to see them get a chance to continue, and I'm not especially worried that we're going to lose either Brandon or Janette. (Indeed, at this point I think they have pole position to win...)
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