Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Mellowing our way back on home

We headed home after the event as has become our tradition. Rather than rushing back down route 95, which would potentially be three hours of stressy driving and maybe jams, we spent nine hours wandering our way down Route 1.

We ran a few minutes late, but managed to slide into Azure Cafe about five minutes before they really filled up for lunch. The Azure was originally an accidental discovery on the way to LL Bean's -- it's about two blocks away from the main Bean's store -- but has since become our main reason to go to Freeport. It's a lovely little cafe, with a big porch for al fresco dining on nice days. We love to take one of the tables on the edge and watch the world pass by as we have our fishcakes.

Anyway, after that we wandered gradually along, shopping as we went. Highlights include a new leather jacket from Wilson Leather clearance sale (a really lovely Calvin Klein bomber jacket, marked down from Idiotically Expensive to Fairly Reasonable); a small assortment from Wicked Whoopies (a bakery that specializes in a wide variety of whoopies pies, which I saw on Phantom Gourmet years ago and have been curious about ever since); and bunch of books from Harding's, a very good used bookstore in Wells (mostly from their currently-very-good Occult section -- I got a transcription of works of John Dee, a decent-looking history of the Tarot, and a selection of quotes from Ambrose Bierce, misfiled in Occult because it was titled "Ambrose Bierce's Satanic Quotations").

In general, I was left with a determination to find a nice weekend sometime to just wander back up Route 1, check out some restaurants, window-shop in some antiqueries, hit some mini-golf courses, and generally relax. On a weekend like this, where you can leave the windows down and just mosey along, it's remarkably pleasant...
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