Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Good service deserves notice, too

It occurs to me that, while we often note (loudly) examples of poor service from stores in our LJs, we don't note the good ones nearly as much.

So, in the name of Credit Where Credit Is Due: the salesman in the Verizon store yesterday did quite well by us. We came in with an unusually complex situation for him to deal with -- take our existing joined phone plan, split it into two separate plans with very different needs (she wanted unlimited texting, I don't care about text but do care about data), and get her a new phone. He got through the whole thing with aplomb, and went above-and-beyond repeatedly.

When msmemory asked if it would be possible to transfer her contact info to the new phone, he calmly went rooting around in the back room to find a cable compatible with her ancient one, and showed back up with everything transferred and done. Along the way, he discovered that the cheapest current data plan for my old Treo 650 would cost more than he thought reasonable, so he went and talked his manager into switching me back to the (rather cheaper, and no longer officially in existence) plan I originally got with the phone, without my even having to ask. He consulted on my question of what service I should be getting for my mother, without pressuring me to buy. And at no point did he really try to upsell us out of what we'd already decided.

So points to him, and good job: it sharpens my decision about whether to switch to AT&T for my next phone (to get an iPhone) or to wait until the Pre makes it to Verizon and get that instead...
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