Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

The future of hardware and software

The hardcore programming geeks may want to check out this really neat slide deck from Tim Sweeney, one of the long-time gods of game technology.

In it, he essentially argues that special-purpose GPUs are a dead end at this point: we should instead be moving back to software renderers, since CPUs are getting nearly as powerful as GPUs and are far more flexible. Along the way, he joins in the chorus arguing that we need to rethink how we're doing our programming, focusing on ways to make parallelism really hum. He specifically calls out pure functional programming languages, software transactional memory, and strong software/hardware support for vectorization as the key elements.

It's fascinating, watching a consensus build within the industry. I'm seeing approximately the same argument coming from a lot of directions right now. I believe it's getting to be steam-engine time for functional programming, at least in some form...
Tags: programming

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