Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

A squee-worthy book online

Thanks to Cindy Renfrow for forwarding the link to a new edition of the Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook (PDF, a Meg or two), the book I usually refer to as "the Manuscrito Anonimo". This is my *very* favorite of all period cookbooks -- in addition to having vast numbers of really good main dishes, it has extensive sections on drink syrups and desserts. It is edited by Cariadoc, and is basically a reorganized version of Charles Perry's translation. This version takes the previous edition, cleans up the English a bit and organizes the book into more logical chapters; the end result is definitely not a simple translation any more, but it's a damned useful-looking edition for working in this particular cuisine (13th c. Muslim Spain, IMO the best food of SCA period).

Highly recommended: the previous editions are probably the most-used cookbook in our substantial collection, and this looks easier to find your way around in...
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