Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Things that make me happy, new office edition

Okay, this is a good habit -- I was in it for a while and lost track of it, but I'm going to try to follow mermaidlady's example, at least occasionally.

1) Moving to a new office. Simply on general principles, this is fun. I'm a novelty-centric lifeform, and I find it refreshing to be in new digs. (And for my money, the new digs are an improvement in just about every respect.)

2) Moving to a new office that is much closer to home than my old one. The new commute is < 25 minutes even if I go a bit out of my way and stop at Starbuck's. For the first time in decades, msmemory and I are working close enough that we can get together for lunch.

3) A desk with a crank. One of my biggest complaints about the old office was that my desk was *way* too high relative to my chair, even with the chair cranked all the way up. Now I can raise the chair and lower the desk, so for the first time in months I am Ergonomically Correct.

4) Alternate ports. As we move to the new office, the company is switching from a blacklist-oriented to whitelist-oriented IP policy -- that is, everything is blocked unless they say otherwise. I believe they're going to be reasonable about it (I've chatted with them), but of course the IT dept is currently swamped dealing with the move, and don't have many spare cycles to fix the firewall right now. Fortunately, it turns out that AIM runs over port 80 if you tell it to do so. So for the moment, I'm contactable via AIM and Yahoo (which is the company's in-house IM), under my usual handle.

5) A stressor out of my life. Suffice it to say, a particular workplace issue that had been rankling me almost from the beginning took care of itself, without requiring me to take any action.
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