Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

As the days zip on past...

... it's worth a quick review of What Has Been and What Is To Be.

Saturday: shopping (a trip to buy a base for the new GPS, which got somewhat out of hand), followed by dinner at Gargoyles with learnedax and cat9. Quite good, but it still tends slightly towards being just a tad more cute and experimental than my ideal. Not way out of line, but somewhere in the grey zone -- mostly great, but with occasional failures. (For instance, I got the liver appetizer. The seared stuff was fabulous; the raw was just a bit too *squishy*, and less interestingly flavored.)

After that, the latest Steeleye Span concert. On review, it appears that this is the sixth time we've seen them on stage -- probably far more than any other non-SCA performers. It was neither their best nor their worst concert. (The best was either the monumental reunion concert -- four hours long, including nearly everybody who's ever been in the band -- or their Nightstage show, which taught that they are, at heart, a great bar band. The worst was the legendarily awful Berklee triple-bill of Steeleye, Fairport and Renaissance.) As msmemory mentioned in her corresponding diary entry, we basically stood there at intermission as an astonishing array of random people we know swirled past us. (Along with the ones she mentioned, I also recall Nest and Craig, as well as Harald and Susan de Guardiola.)

The highlight of Sunday was apple-picking. This is always a delight, but this time the weather was as good as can be imagined. Big flavorful apples, good company: really quite a good time. Following that, I spent the afternoon scrabbling in the dirt, working on the mailbox.

Yesterday was one of msmemory's OES visitations; I played the Officiating Patron, a job I've never done before. I was amused to get a couple of compliments on doing a good job, considering that it involves exactly one paragraph of text. (Basically, I say, "Yes, the bylaws have been properly kept", in rather formal language.) The Middle Chamber Lecture it ain't. But it was a good opportunity to see one of her visitations -- IMO, it went quite well.

Coming up: tonight is the SCA demo at WPI. Hopefully we'll get at least as many students as demo-ers. Tomorrow is dance practice. Thursday is poker. Friday is probably Babydolls (we haven't figured out for sure which night we're going, but it'll probably be Friday). Saturday, collapse. (And probably work on reworking the storage in the garage -- it's an unholy mess, and I'd like to make things better before it gets too cold.)
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