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Recipe: Fish Bits stir-fry

I suspect there will be a lot of experiments in the coming months inspired by what I happen to find at H-Mart. Noting tonight's down, since it worked quite well:

Fish Bits stir-fry

~3/4 lb sashimi bits
~4 oz Seasoned Salty Radish (julienned)
~3/4 snow peas
1 portion (~1/2 lb) frozen udon noodles
1 medium onion, minced
A dozen slices of ginger
A good handful of fresh basil leaves
1 tsp cornstarch
2 oz chicken stock
Soy sauce
Basil-infused olive oil

Marinate the fish bits in enough basil oil to coat, and a bit of soy sauce. Steam the snow peas a minute or two, and set water to boil for the udon noodles. Mix the stock and cornstarch in a small bowl, and set aside. Wait until the noodle water is at a boil before starting.

Stir-fry the onion with the ginger, using more basil oil, until the onion begins to clarify; add the radish. Put the noodles into the water, to boil for just a minute or so. Toss the fish in with the onions, and fry very quickly over high heat. Toss in the snow peas, and the noodles as soon as they are ready. Give the cornstarch and stock mixture a quick stir to recombine, then toss over the top, and cook very briefly until it thickens. Turn off the heat, chop up the basil (at the last second, to keep it fresh), and mix in.

Notes: The sashimi bits were really the origin of the exercise -- they are selling the odd-shaped ends of assorted sashimi for about $11/lb. (Which isn't cheap, but it's less than Whole Foods charges for ordinary good fish, and this is higher-quality. And it's pre-cut into stir-fry size.) The Seasoned Salty Radish was a pure experiment -- as it turns out, it tastes very much like, well, seasoned salty radish -- but it turns out to be a truly excellent ingredient. It's too salty to eat much of, but imparts a bit of saltiness and spice to a stir-fry.

The flavor of this dish is more delicate than I usually go for, but that was intentional: the idea was to let the flavors of the ingredients shine through. The fresh basil is absolutely essential, though: while not overwhelming, it's intentionally the dominant flavor.
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