Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Crown Report

Summary of the day:

The new Prince of the East is Sir Gaufred Kelson (I don't remember his lady's name offhand), who defeated Duke Brion Tarragon 2 out of 3 in the finals. In the semi-finals, Sir Kelson defeated Sir Gryffith, and Duke Brion defeated Duke Darius. (Earning Roxane's deep gratitude, I gather -- I get the impression that they were just as happy to get a reign or two off before diving into that particular fray again.) Both Kelson and Brion entered the semi-finals undefeated. While it would have been nice to see Brion and Anna on the thrones again, there was a general sentiment that it's good to keep new blood coming onto the thrones. (As it were.)

Overall, it was a very pleasant tournament. In particular, the last several rounds (once they broke down to a single list, and I could watch all of it) were exceptionally friendly, even affable. It's always more fun to watch a tourney when the combatants are clearly enjoying themselves, with little of the "Must... Win... Crown..." tension that sometimes characterizes it.

A good day out. Aside from the wind (which was picking up those little popup pavilions and blowing them away, as well as making the air feel a lot cooler from time to time), the weather was excellent. I was happy to see a good chunk of Carolingia show up, at least for the later rounds. And the semi-annual game of Caitlin and Justin Herd the Fighters of the East has gotten practiced enough by now that it went pretty smoothly...

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