Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Okay, the web officially has pages for *anything*

There I was, chatting with msmemory about fertilizing the lawn, and we were trying to figure out if the bag (which nominally covers 15k square feet) was big enough. After a brief pause, I went over to Google, typed in "acres in square feet", did a little math in my head, and concluded that yeah, that should suffice.

So we got to giggling about Google's ability to convert anything to anything, and she remarked that sure, it could even tell you how many hectares in a parsec. Whereupon I tut-tutted, pointed out that that's the number of hectares in a *square* parsec, went over to Google and found that it's roughly 10**-29. But that wasn't the silly part.

No, the silly part was the listing, first hit on the page under the answer, for the Square Parsecs to Hectares Conversion Webpage.

Okay, yes -- it's a clever hack for displaying banner ads, and I could probably write the site myself in a few hours if I wanted to. But it does pretty much drive home that yes, there is a page for anything.

(Including Square Parsecs to Barns, which comes out as a monumental 10**60. I'd never heard of a Barn before, but surely I can find uses for something that small in conversation...)

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