Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Starting the day with song

Birdsong, that is.

As I was getting up, the house sounded like nothing quite so much like the middle of a rainforest, with a positive *din* of birds talking to each other. (As I looked at the thermometer, I decided that the topic of conversation was almost certainly, "*Geez*, it's cold!") I got out of bed and was waved over to the front window of the dining room by msmemory, but it was pretty much the same all around: an entire flock had landed all around us, on the house, the shed, the trees, everywhere. Not enough to completely blanket things, but nonetheless hundreds of them jumping and flitting around and making breakfast conversation as they paused in their morning jog.

We watched this tableau for about two minutes; then, from an apparent signal from some scouts overhead, everyone took off again (apparently north -- I hope that those scouts weren't terminally confused), and within seconds the yard was back to its customary quiet. One of the nicer brief signals of autumn I've seen while it lasted, though...
Tags: diary

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