Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

DROID killer apps

baagvai mentioned Pandora as a killer app in the previous thread; I haven't been motivated by that yet, but I've observed two that are making a big difference for me:

-- GMail. I'd been starting to move more of my correspondence towards my gmail account anyway, but the DROID provides a lot more impetus. Getting that little "ring" every time something hits my Inbox means that I notice and respond to email faster than I *ever* have before. I'm suddenly starting to think of the Android OS as Google's sneaky way of getting people much more hooked on its tools. Speaking of which, the real surprise was:

-- Google Listen. This is their podcast client, which I'd been "enh" about initially. I've never really done podcasts seriously: I don't sync my iPod very often, so I never had enough loaded for it to be useful. But doing it directly through the phone makes a huge difference -- it means that I can dive into whatever I want, as I get into the car. (In practice, this most often means that I can listen to Marketplace when I'm driving, regardless of whether or not that happens to be the 6:30 - 7 timeslot.) So now, I'm actually starting to think about what other podcasts I might find interesting and useful, because they're literally to hand. And the sound quality and responsiveness have been astonishingly good so far: Marketplace sounds as good as on the FM, with just a few seconds of buffering to start.

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