Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Gah -- I don't have *time* to be sick

Woke up with a classic sinus headache this morning: sort of fuzzy around the edges, and stuffy without being precisely stuffed-up. Started to get more worried when I got to lunch and found that I had no appetite for it at all. (When I just nibble at caesar salad and macaroni and cheese, you *know* something is wrong.) Felt gradually more unsteady and queasy, so I went home at 2pm and took a 12-hour Sudafed.

I've never had projectile vomiting before. Not an experience I care to repeat. (Fortunately, I got to the bathroom in time.)

If I had a fever, I'd be worrying about flu, but my temp's been running normal-low the whole time -- best guess is that it's just a mild cold causing a truly horrific sinus flareup. I'm doing rather better now: taking some more Sudafed on an *empty* stomach partly cleared my head (although I'm still groggy), fixed the post-nasal drip and eased the queasiness. But it's still a slow-and-careful evening of chicken soup and toast for me, and a strong hope that this clears up tomorrow...
Tags: diary

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