Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Bubble, bubble, toil and gobble

There are so many ways in which a big pot of boiling turkey carcass is a good thing:
  • It reduces waste, putting as much of the bird as possible to use.

  • It makes the house smell of boiled turkey, a distinctly homey and holiday aroma.

  • It humidifies the house, benefiting my poor abused sinuses.

  • It means that we'll have triple-strength turkey stock to put into the freezer at the end.

  • And it means that we'll have lots of leftover, boiled-off meat, forcing us to make msmemory's famously excellent turkey pie. (I was very amused when we finally got around to trying Harrow's, and I realized that it's about half as good as what I'm used to.)
A fine collection of reasons why I so particularly like the day after Thanksgiving...
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