Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Down in beautiful not-quite-warm Florida

So it occurs to me that I haven't posted in ages. A quick update (initially f'locked until we get home):

We're currently down at Sanibel: it's the bi-annual trip where Dad puts the whole family up. The trip was blessedly smooth for us, thanks to Sheer Dumb Luck: I'm paranoid about connections, so I went for a direct flight to Ft. Myers, which turned out to route through Orlando. The other options we had had all involved stopping in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Newark, or other places that were lovely, white and non-functional on Saturday. As it was, we apparently beat the storm out of Providence by just a few hours.

Southwest has a "business class". Who knew? It was the only tickets I'd been able to get, having procrastinated a bit too long in arranging them. This turns out to means that you get (1) a free cocktail, and (2) cutting rights to the front of the line. Not really worth the extra money, but we were happy to be able to grab the exit row and its extra legroom.

Weather down here is very cold by local standards, which means that it's not *quite* what I would call "balmy", but close. I finally gave in and bought a sweatshirt for biking around, but other than that it's quite nice.

Finally got to see the new condo that the family bought a couple of years ago. It was reasonably nice to begin with, but Dad and Sandy spent months decorating it, and it is to die for. Not common for me to rave particiularly about the countertops, but they outdid themselves this time: they're this cool rare form of granite, flecked with iridescent blue, so they're the most eye-catching thing in the place.

Photos to come, mostly of improbable Christmas decorations. (Eg, Santa's sleigh being pulled by eight inflatable dolphins...)
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