Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Yummy yummy eels

H-Mart comes through again. I've come to the conclusion that, odd and idiosyncratic though it is, it may be the best place for me to go when I want something New and Different for dinner.

Tonight I wandered in with few preconceptions, when my eye was caught by the Seaweed Salad, a traditional sushi-bar favorite app of ours. This led me to wondering what to make with it, when coincidence led me to the display of prepared and packaged Unaji: big eel filets, pre-cooked and marinated. I know when kismet is calling to me.

The results are truly wonderful. The eel just needs a quick reheat in the oven, and a bed of good sweet rice made in the fancy Japanese rice cooker I picked up a couple of months ago: poof, nearly restaurant-grade Unaji-don (one of my favorite dinners) for maybe a third what it costs in a restaurant. Not an every-week dish, but a very easy treat for tired work nights...
Tags: food

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