Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Ah, yes -- let's mess up my entire body at once

Let's enumerate, shall we?

I am getting annoyed with the progressive lenses. As I mentioned in comments to my last post, I'm used to using my peripheral vision, and looking at things just with my eyes. Having to turn my head side-to-side so much is disconcerting at best, and the fact that there are parts of my vision that are *never* in focus because of the nature of the lenses isn't thrilling me. (It's especially getting in the way of my using two monitors as effectively as I'm used to, glancing back and forth.) Should have expected this, but I am finding myself contemplating a switch to conventional bifocals. I'll give it a week or two, and see if I remain distressed by it.

Just got to work via the flu clinic. Apparently Burlington is running one of relatively few free clinics that are currently open, so it's *quite* crowded: I got there ten minutes before they opened, so the line was only 45 minutes long. (When I tried yesterday afternoon, it was two hours.) Ran into my cousin Mark Reid in line -- he was coming from Carlisle, which drove home the point that there aren't enough clinics open. But I got the seasonal in my nose and the H1N1 in my arm, so I can expect fun mild symptoms tomorrow, in exchange for better odds against the bad flu season.

On the *actually* fun side of pain, this morning was my first serious session with my main Christmas present, the Wii Fit. (The present included the Wii, of course, and we're going to get Rock Band when we find it in stock, but the Fit was the primary point.) It's quite different from what I'm used to: a less intense workout than my usual 45 minutes on the elliptical, but far better-balanced a regimen, with an impressive array of exercises. It starts off with a general physical evaluation, which came out embarassingly bad -- the thing is surprisingly willing to tell you that you suck. But it does provide a good motivational tool, and is designed to be used as a serious every-day program, with tracking of all stats.

Anyway, I tried a few of the balance exercises yesterday, and was *astonished* at how badly I did on several of them. I think of myself as good at balance, but that's via lots of little constant adjustments. The Fit wants you to really *balance* -- control your central of gravity more precisely -- and that's going to take work. But some of the exercises are fun, especially the one where you use your balance to control what amounts to a Labyrinth table, rocking the table to cause several balls to roll into holes.

Today I did the main aerobics, and they're an interesting set. The step and running exercises are pretty conventional, but the boxing hits some muscles I'm not used to, and the hula-hooping is *way* different. I can feel several mucles in my side going WTF?!? at me, but nothing feels actually *pulled*, so I think that's all good. I'll probably shoot to do this 2-3 times a week, interspersed with the elliptical...
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