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And speaking of looking forward to next year's Arisia...
I just happened to wander over to the Arisia 2011 site, and got a squee from seeing that one of the GoHs is Shaenon Garrity. Her webcomic Narbonic was a particular fave of mine, so I get to be a bit of a fanboy. It's particularly recommended to the Girl Genius fans out there -- it's the other comic about the travails of a cute mad scientist. The story wrapped up a couple of years ago, and is currently re-running in "Director's Cut" fashion, with commentary...

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Indeed, one of my favorites as well! I think you turned me on to it, about the time you were running GG the larp, as you passed it around as suggested source material.

Arisia 2011 is looking better and better, and will likely pull me back in.

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