Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

That was actually a good curia

Yeah, yeah, I know -- contradiction in terms and all that. But really: we whine when the Royalty screw up, and should acknowledge when they get it right.

Mind, I was kind of dreading this curia: there were several items on the agenda that I disagreed with, and there have been a few recent curiae that (based on the descriptions I've heard) would have caused my head to explode in anger if I'd been there, because of how they were run.

But this one went well, largely because Their Majesties Got It. Specifically, they encouraged the members of curia to discuss the topics seriously, and paid attention. So the uncontroversial items passed quite quickly, but we got pretty deeply into the issues surrounding the ones that had problems. In the cases where the objections weren't terrible, TRM went with their original plan, but for the ones that *did* have serious issues (which included one or two that His Majesty felt especially strongly about), they agreed to remand the decisions to next reign, so that they can be given the time and consideration they need to produce better law.

So overall, a good curia. I don't agree with every decision, but I don't think anything terrible came out of it (which, in and of itself, is better than many). And the process was right: instead of ramming decisions through suddenly, TRM had enough faith in the Kingdom to let things take time and be done right. Kudos to them: Law is something I care quite passionately about, and I appreciate Royalty who don't simply assume that they know better than everyone else...
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