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Buzz, Beta, and Can It Recover?
For those who are interested, I've posted my current thoughts on the whole Buzz flap over on The Art of Conversation. I'm interested in folks' take on it...

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Thank you for mentioning that it is not opt-in. I did not realise this, and immediately went to opt out.
Your concerns mirror my own; my email list is private and must remain so for business reasons. Having one contractor see another on it could be destructive.

My first exposure to Buzz was via Google Maps on my Android phone. After an update, suddenly there were little speech bubbles on the map which revealed tweet-like statuses when clicked upon. It wasn't until a couple of days later when I got the announcement about it in Gmail.

I'm not fond of the "every Gmail address you've ever corresponded with is automatically in your social network" decision. Otherwise, I kind of like it, especially the ability to tie the buzzes to your physical location if you're posting from a GPS-enabled device. (It's kind of interesting knowing what else is going on in the area, and I suppose if I were ever in an unfamiliar city and looking for something to do, that might come in handy.)

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