Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Crossing the geek streams

This week, I came across the blog Yet Another Language Geek -- a random programming blog (too rarely updated), but a rather good one, focused on the intersection of functional programming techniques and .NET. As Microsoft ever-so-slowly begins to shift their stack towards more functional programming (which they are definitely doing, if you pay attention), this is turning into a rather useful resource. There isn't much here that's novel, but he does a good job of explaining concepts that every functional programmer knows, in terms that make sense to the typical C# developer.

Anyway, I was amused today, reading his article on Function Memoization, and discovering that it is written in terms of RoboRally -- he's using memoization to compute the cell types on the board, since they get reused so much. Very good article, with code examples that demonstrate how easy memoization is to implement in modern C#, and discussion of why it's useful. A particularly fine illustration of why I consider closures so important for any serious programming language...
Tags: games, programming

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