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Once again, the administration demonstrates an unusual bit of clue
Press release from Friday: Edward Tufte named to Recovery Independent Advisory Panel. This is the panel that is supposed to provide accountability and transparency for the stimulus project -- to help everyone understand where the money is going and how it is actually being used. To that end, appointing the single person most associated with making data clear and understandable is -- well, rather refreshing. It would seem to indicate that someone up there actually *wants* transparency, instead of simply wanting to *claim* it...

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Possibly the biggest mistake in naming a panelist vis a vis usual Washington selection criteria since Feynman was named to the Challenger panel. : -)

(Deleted comment)

I can't _wait_ to see the first report...

One of the last really nice things my last job did for me was to pay for a 2-day seminar with Tufte downtown. He was a little obsessed with PowerPoint and went on a bit too long about his sculpture, but he was simply inspiring. That talk turbo-charged my work on designing the next revision of our investment software. If anyone can make government reports understandable, it's Tufte.

Re: I can't _wait_ to see the first report...

Heh. We only got to do a 1-day, but it does sound rather similar. (Right down to spending a bit too long on his sculpture...)

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