Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

A Day of Arts

Quick diary entry with a few personal highlights from Saturday:

I have to say, part of the fun of the day was watching my household in action. hfcougar was working on herding the numerous cats. (With both their Majesties and Highnesses visiting, there are a *lot* of cats.) Gundormr taught an informal class on trichonopoly, which IIRC wound up entirely attended by Laurels. (He did a good job of white-fencing it, too, drawing in onlookers with a quick introductory lesson.) And ladysprite put a fine trio of entries into the championship, including a *frighteningly* funny dance choreography. (I direct you to her account of it, which is well worth reading. The documentation is a delight in and of itself.)

Besides that, the main focus of my day was heralding. I've done a fair amount of it, of course, but it's been occurring to me that my experience is oddly specialized: I've almost entirely done *solo* courts. I've been Jehan's Emergency Backup Herald for several years now (called upon when none of the Real Heralds were available), and I've mainly run Royal Courts in odd circumstances where I was the only good candidate. (For example, since we only had a couple dozen Easterners at the SCA 30th Year Celebration, I wound up as Royal Herald there.) So I realized that I had better participate in a couple of courts as a team member, before I step up to trying to lead such a team, so that I know what it feels like.

In practice, it went well, although it was a bit silly and complicated. I wound up wearing two tabards into Court. I heralded Baron Jehan in, and ran Carolingian Court. Then I snuck off to the side, whipped off the Carolingian tabard in favor of the royal one underneath, and took my turn doing an award in Royal Court. (rufinia's Silver Crescent -- I took a look at the court docket, and pretty much called dibs on that one.) It was quite a bit of fun all around, and I was happy to find that there weren't any major surprises -- but I do need to put better insoles into my SCA shoes...
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