Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Now *that* is an useful-looking game

Another article on Ars -- 745 Studios has come out with a Rock Band clone that has a nearly-real guitar peripheral. The company is a subsidiary of a real musical-instrument firm, so they have a clue in how to build something that works in Guitar Hero style, but also has higher levels of difficulty that turn into really playing the guitar.

The only mysterious part? The company is apparently claiming, "We won't be marketing this as a learn-to-play guitar product." To which my response is, why the hell not? If they released this thing for the Wii, and had a slowly-ramping level of difficulty that slowly teaches you real guitar chords, I would be *all* over it. I've wanted to learn for ages, so a good game would be right up my alley. The disclaimer worries me a little (mostly that they may start out too hard), but I'd still be likely to pick it up if it comes out for the Wii. Even the 2/3 scale guitar doesn't worry me, given that the mandolin is the instrument I actually *own*. (Granted, I don't think the chords are the same, but it would at least give me the sense of the thing.)
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