Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Thinking outside the box of the screen

Thanks to Lambda for the pointer to this *remarkable* research project. The Code Bubbles project is a radical rethink of UI design -- specifically, an IDE that bears no resemblance to conventional IDEs. It implicitly asserts that it is silly to constrain everything to the boundaries of the visible window, and instead builds an IDE inside a very large, pannable workspace. The result is that it uses physical continuity in ways nothing today does -- in particular, it very casually lays large numbers of related blocks side-by-side, rather than requiring you to keep them in mind as you flip back and forth. There's an 8-minute video, which is well worth watching.

Very neat stuff. I'm sure that it will need further refinement, but my reaction is that they're on to something here, and that we'll see these ideas showing up in real systems soon...
Tags: programming, technology, ui

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