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The purpose of modern American society...
... is to confuse future linguists. I mean, yes, okay: most instances aren't quite as obscure as the suffix "-gate" meaning "a political disaster". But with "-geddon" now added as meaning "a natural disaster", surely someone is going to wind up arguing that "-g-d" is the underlying root meaning "disaster", and there must be *some* religious implication of that, right?

(This rant brought to you by today's popular Twitter hashtag, #rainageddon, which I believe now officially marks it as a meme...)

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I think the #aquageddon tag is a bit more elegant, but .. yeah.

In fact, it would be interesting to investigate the etymology of "Armageddon" itself. (A place-name: now, I'm led to believe, the town of Megiddo in Lebanon). I wouldn't be surprised to learn that -- at least by Biblical folk-etymology -- it could mean "place of climactic battle" or somesuch.

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