Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Roll up, roll up for a Great Raffle (and Crafts/Bake Sale) in a Great Cause

Some of you know ladysprite and tpau. (For those of you who don't, they are my and msmemory's students, respectively, not to mention close friends.) They have entered the Susan Komen 3-Day Walk for Breast Cancer Research, which is quite an impressive undertaking: it's a commitment to *major* fundraising, and they're going at it in a big way, spending much of the past year working on this.

One of their major milestones is coming up in a few weeks: they're doing a Crafts Fair / Bake Sale / Raffle at Camelot Cohousing (Berlin, MA) on the 24th. They've put together a great array of stuff for the raffle, and the things they're selling in-person is even better. Seriously: I've seen bits of it, and there's some stuff any self-respecting fannish auction would hunger for. (And speaking of hunger, ladysprite is God's gift to dessert, so the Bake Sale is likely to be seriously good.)

So mark April 24th on your calendar: if it's at all possible, you should be at Camelot for the Fair. And if you can't be there in person, buy some raffle tickets in advance -- it's a chance to win great stuff, and donate to very good cause that means much to many of us...

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