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That went well...
Today was the Coronation of Edward and Marguerite. 'Twas a blast.

The ceremony itself was a delight, thanks to a fine script from Ernst, adapted from what baron_steffan referred to as (I probably have the Latin wrong) the "Ordo Tarragonensis", itself adapted from the British Westminster Ordo. It goes to show that, if you want something to feel *really* period, start with a good period model. The adaptation is necessarily pretty loose to fit the SCA (and we wound up making lots of tweaks in the final weeks to fit the facts on the ground), but in the end it was still close enough to the original to feel *right*.

Everyone involved did a great job, some of them under trying circumstances. There was a bit of "I thought you silenced the guard", with the result that a couple of key folks got tossed into it cold, not realizing that they had significant parts until this morning. And unsurprisingly, we wound up going off-script frequently, but everyone stayed cool, kept going with the spirit of the thing, and brought it back around to the design each time.

(Insert best Maxwell Smart voice here.) I managed to get *this* close to getting through the whole thing completely intact when I succeeded in making the goof that presumably will count as my Stupid Herald's Trick forevermore. But that's fine: it's kind of the herald's job to take the flubbed-ceremony bullet, and I've got over three months to learn the names of all the Queens of the East. If I apply myself, I'm sure I can manage it. (Well, no, I'm not actually sure. But one must go into a quest with a positive attitude.)

Overall, it was a great experience. Ritual is my meat and drink (it's the main reason I'm still active in Masonry, really), and this was as good as SCA ritual gets, full of drama and symbolism and meaning at both the personal and collective levels. I think it bodes well for the reign to come...
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Three months... no problem. That's about what I spent on the rolls of the kings, for much the same reason... :)

You'll notice I read the Roll of Royalty. jducoeur can testify that I'm a pretty decent ritualist, but there's absolutely NO WAY I'd ever attempt doing that from memory.

(And what, by the way, did y'all think of Rowen's idea of placing it before Afternoon Court, rather at the end of Morning Court? I thought it was a great idea).

I thought that worked REALLY WELL.

You guys seriously kicked some ass on that Coronation ceremony. For real.

It's apparently well on its way to becoming SOP -- Malcolm mentioned that he also did the same thing with the Rolls for Konrad's Coronation. Looks like all the court heralds are coming to a consensus that this approach just works better...

Liked it. Not a bad way to ensure that it gets heard.

Yes, I do not suggest that every(any)one else be as nuts as I am. Though I'll probably do it again, just to prove I can. (I did have a prompter to hand, though. I'm crazy, not stupid.)

Dude, you totally rocked. The flub was merely God's (and St. Gabriel's) way of stamping your Official Court Herald card. (Shall I relate my list of similar gaffes? Never mind....)

The ceremony was amazing. If anyone has any doubts, I'm here to tell you -- and this for you, Ernie -- that is how you do that. That is how you do an SCA coronation. You don't need to "invent" power and drama from whole theatrical cloth: it's all there in the real thing: find it, take it, and use it, modulo the minimal necessary Scadian tweakage. A real coronation is all about the tchotchkes, the objects, and you had 'em: the (incredible!) Coronation Mantles, the Scepter, the Oaths (with ritual signing of the physical document!) Acclamation at the four corners of the Theater. The Champion's Challenge (by D. Seb., of course: who ya gonna call?)

And kudos to TRM, of course, for wanting to go this route in the first place. For "getting it".

This is gonna be good....

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