Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur


And speaking of Celebration, I should put this announcement here, for those who haven't seen it elsewhere.

The end of the semester, and it's time for the high school prom. Everyone is here -- the jocks and the nerds; the glee club and goths; the teachers and, of course, the parents chaperoning the whole thing.

But wait -- what are those teachers talking about over in the corner? What is the Math Club up to? Who is that new guy in the sharp suit? What kind of trouble are those nosey kids getting themselves into this time? And -- oh, God -- look at what the Principal is making people do for the Talent Show!

Celebration is a Live Action Roleplaying Game, running the evening of Friday, January 16th, at the Arisia science fiction convention. The game will be approximately 4 hours long, starting at 8pm. Players will portray the students, teachers, parents and other hangers-on at a prom that is -- well, a little different.

More game information, including the player application, can be found at the game homepage:


Y'all come on by. This looks to be a fun and strange evening...

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