Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Better Late Than Never

The theory of relativity says that two observers in constant motion relative to each other will see each others' clocks as running slowly -- each will see the other one's clock as being slow, and each viewpoint is entirely valid. I have been moving very rapidly this past week: from Boston to Manchester to Chicago to San Jose to Washington and back to Manchester again. This, therefore, is why I am only today reading everyone else's posts from Thanksgiving Day, and why you're only seeing me post this Thanksgiving meme now.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Spurious abuses of science aside, I didn't want to let the weekend get away without doing this one. It's rare to come across a meme that is such a good idea, so I should chime in.

Thank you to...
alexx_kay, for being one of my oldest friends that I'm still in touch with, and still the one I'm most comfortable unabashedly geeking with.
alienor, for being the most usefully provocative person I know on LJ. You ask really good questions on a regular basis.
antoniseb, for your infectious artistic enthusiasm. I know that you sometimes get down on your own follow-through, but you've long been one of my models for truly ambitious projects. (The day I spent helping with the observatory remains one of the coolest I've had in the SCA.)
asdr83, for having the sheer willpower to bring a borough into existence where folks have been just talking about it for at least a decade.
bess, for the years of dance teaching, letting me just relax and enjoy dancing for a while.
cadenzaalli, for letting me see the SCA through the eyes of someone new and enthusiastic again.
cellio, for having one of the most consistently interesting blogs, one of those that just winds up being a natural magnet for interesting people. And for the tour of the mind-blowingly cool house at Pennsic.
chaiya, for caring so consistently, so broadly and so deeply.
cristovau, for being much deeper than I'd originally given you credit for from your sometimes-goofy public persona. We need to talk more.
dagonell, for the endless entertainment of seeing what my Evil Twin is up to, and introducing me to new recreations. One of these years, I'm going to have to try this letterboxing thing.
dkapell, for neat discussions and ideas. While I need to start restricting my new projects, that Prisoner LARP is clearly going to have to happen at some point.
editrx, for hooking msmemory and me into LJ in the first place. And for having the ambition to build such a cool house; watching it come together is glorious.
galaneia, for your disposition -- you always seem to have a smile when I need it.
gower, for being one of the most dependably fun people in the LARP world. Whether you're playing or GM'ing, I always enjoy your work.
hungrytiger, for being such a good complement to my writing style, with the raw imagination I sometimes lack.
mindways, for having a love of games (and other things) very much like my own. I really need to find more time to hang with y'all.
its_just_me, for frankness and honesty. And for doing such cool things with food.
keshwyn, for making me proud.
knobhdy, for sponsoring us into a group that have gone from being kind-of-acquaintances to real friends over the past couple of years. And for your calm and dedicated skills, which sometimes put us old farts to shame.
ladysprite, for the mutual shoulder when needed, the long talks about everything under the sun, and generally being such a good friend. And for being the wittiest diarist I've had the pleasure to read: your adventures in veterinary science are often the funniest things I read in any given week.
laurion, for reminding me of what I think of as my own better traits, that I need to practice more. I look forward to hanging out at Ops a fair bit during Intercon.
learnedax, for perspectives that are often unexpected, insightful, or just plain mind-stretching.
liamstliam, for your tendency to ground us Silverwings in something resembling reality, without compromising the sense of fun.
matildalucet, for your general good humor when everyone else is losing theirs; for the manifold treats at Accademia; and for managing to wind up with the most interesting extended family I know.
meranthi, for being both nice and sane, without being boring -- not a common combination in the circle of Strange Clubs.
metahacker, for strong and well-informed opinions. And for being less shy with strangers than some of us -- I'm still grateful that we had you riding herd on the DJ at tpau and learnedax's wedding.
msmemory, for putting up with me, and still managing to share a fondness for public displays of affection, after nigh 20 years.
napoleons_mommy, for your extraordinary artistic talent and enthusiasm. You have no idea how much I marvel at your ability to pick up and excel at new crafts on a regular basis.
new_man, for uncommon frankness and openness, and for keeping me connected to sides of the Barony that I might otherwise lose touch with.
outlander, for your gentility and quiet enthusiasm, qualities that are often overlooked when people pay too much attention to us noisy types.
perspicuity, for being my favorite single source of surrealism. (And t-shirts.)
qarylla, for never being boring.
redsquirrel, for one of my favorite conversations at Pennsic this year -- it's fun touching base with folks who remember things from back when I was starting out.
richenza, for a passionate wit that makes you one of my favorite people to talk with about almost anything.
shprintzah, for reminding me of why I used to act so much, and why I enjoyed it -- watching you perform is such fun, and I really need to come join in again sometime.
siderea, for being my favorite sparring partner in philosophical exploration for so many years now.
siriel, for giving me a window into diverse interesting worlds, both close to home (local fencing, which I am long out of touch with) and less so (the discussions of Tolkeina and linguistics have been fascinating).
snarkyman, for regularly reminding me that the real world need attending to as well, and deserves some of both my passion and my ire.
syrrichard, for providing a viewpoint as experienced as my own, with some really interesting and useful contrasts.
tpau, for asking the right questions, and providing endless enthusiasm and drive.
umbran, for sharing the pursuit of truth in its varied forms.

I confess, even this list feels terribly incomplete, because there are so many people who really ought to be on my friends list and aren't -- some because they don't have LJ accounts (and should), some because I don't really know them yet, some simply because there aren't enough hours in the day to read all the blogs that I want. But I really am thankful for your friendship...

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