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New Facebook API
To my real-and-true astonishment, Facebook has just come out with a new "Graph API", which surprisingly fails to suck. It's vastly easier to use than their old API, more powerful, more consistent, and generally more sensible. They've even removed the ancient restriction against caching user information for more than 24 hours. (Trying to work around that one cost me a *huge* amount of momentum on CommYou.)

Scary, in that the implication is that Facebook has not only realized that they are the principal social network, but figured out what they need to do in order to be *useful* as the principal social network. But these changes go a long ways towards making FB a reasonably good citizen of the Net, and are likely to make it much easier to integrate that social network into other online applications...

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How odd. Half my friends list is up in arms about how they're ruining our privacy again.

Well, the two points aren't necessarily contradictory: changes that add power frequently hurt privacy. In this particular case, I *think* the changes are separate (at first glance, the new API doesn't look any worse from a privacy POV than the old one), but it's possible that I'm missing something...

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